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"SUMMER'S LOADING; 3 Essential Tips for Preparing Your Hair for Summer Fun"

3 minute read April 16th, 2024

Summer's Loading! The pool is warming up, the sun is peaking through, extra skin is showing and the cocktail recipes are almost ready, but are you? I mean, I know you’ve been in the gym, summer body loading, I have no doubt about that. However, let’s talk about another summer necessity that you may or may not have planned for already! That’s your hair! Now wait, before you say “I’ve already got that planned” let’s talk about it for, let’s say a minute or 2.

No one wants to worry about their hair, and that thought only intensifies during the summer. So what’s the default? For most women, that default is braids! Bohemian, Knotless, butterfly, Fulani …just braids galore! Trust me, I’m right there with you. Before locking my hair, I would’ve already had my deposit paid with the hottest braider in or out of town. . With that being said, I know there’s nothing in the world I can say that can keep you out of those braids and locs this summer, trust me, I know better than to go that route. However, as an Elite Hair Care Specialist, I want to offer some tips to help guide you through your hair journey this summer, so when Summer commences, we still have sight on our hair goals and our edges

"I know there’s nothing in the world I can say that can keep you out of those braids and locs this summer..."

Here we go, please please please do your research before booking your braider and stylist.  Some tips within this tip I use is checking their portfolio. Their social media pages, their website and what they post, is their online portfolio. See if they have repeat clients, this is an indicator that they do good enough work to build relationships. You want to avoid, one time stops. Look at the quality of their clients hair before the services are started. Do majority of the clients have a full presenting hairline? How’s the condition of their hair before receiving the style? While these aren’t full proof, they can definitely save you time beforehand when looking for the perfect braider.

Now, for my absolute favorite tip, PLEASE make sure in between those styles, both before and after, you are seeing your Natural Hairstylist for maintenance. If your hair is in a “protective style” you must ensure your hair is in the best shape to be protected. Healthy trims, protein treatments, deep cleansing shampoos, and scalp scrubs are all necessary and important steps to ensure you get the best out of your favorite summer styles. I know its a pain to add another step to your beauty maintenance, but this one is absolutely necessary.

"If your hair is in a “protective style” you must ensure your hair is in the best shape to be protected."

I saved the best one for last. I knew you’d need some time before being able to process this one. Your braids/locs shouldn’t be kept in longer than 4-6 weeks. I actually recommend all of my clients not to keep them in longer than 4 weeks. The weight of the braids/locs begin to weigh down heavily on that small section of hair that’s holding the extension. This is how we start to discover our hair thinning out and we can’t figure out the why.Blame gravity I suppose lol. No matter how you may feel about your hair texture, our hair is actually fragile and should be treated with the most delicacy.

Your hair and hairline will thank you later.

There are so many more tips out there, like protecting your hair while swimming and the best steps of sleeping with braids and how to refresh your scalp. I don’t want to overwhelm you, so maybe we’ll revisit this in a part 2 soon. In the meantime, re-check those Instagram profiles, set up your maintenance appts with your natural hairstylist and set your calendar to take them down at the 6 week mark, and not a day later! Your hair and hairline will thank you. Tell me what tips you'll be implementing and your favorite summer style. Happy Summer preparation ladies!

-Hair Inspired by Ciarra

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May 11

Loved this! Thanks for the great tips.


Jessica Jackson
Jessica Jackson
Apr 17

I wish I knew about these tips before. Sadly, I did not have the education and did not take care of my hair the way I should have. Thank you for taking the time to educate us on the importance of maintaining our hair especially during the summer. I will be adding these recommended tips into my arsenal going forward. When you know better, you do better! Looking forward to your next publication.


Apr 16

Absolutely love these tips! So glad you are now included in my protective style regimen! Will most definitely be stopping in to see you before and after!


Omaria McCrae-Bowden
Omaria McCrae-Bowden
Apr 16

Love these tips! Research is so important when it comes to finding a great natural hair or braiding specialist. Sitting in the braiding chair right after taking down my last install has been a bad habit of mine. So, I'll do better with implementing a maintenance routine in between installs! -- thank you for this! 💛

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