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  • Ciarra Kelly

Hair Talk! Can the real professionals, please stand up?

         In the great year of 2024, you almost can’t open your phone, turn on your tv or even stand outside for long before you are being forced into what seems like a commercial or advertisement of some sorts. I know it’s true for me, but possibly even for others, the world is on a constant display of advertising. From influencers, YouTubers, and bloggers, where should we truly be getting our information from?

It leads me to ask, in a world full of information, how are we supposed to find the truth?

         Now I’m fully aware that this heavy topic can be applied in almost every genre of life, however, today we will talk about the beauty industry. Afterall, this is a beauty blog. I know you are seeing that the coveted grease that mama swore by is being bashed by almost every stylist out there and it’s almost a taboo to not have an almost 10 step skin care routine. Let’s not even get started on just how are we supposed to be able to tell moisturized hair from hydrated hair? It can all be so overwhelming and cause you to become lost in the sauce. And for many people, being lost can result in just ignoring their beauty routine altogether.

         So then, what can you do? Ever since the world decided everyone is entitled to an opinion with an extra-large microphone attached, how do you silence the noise to find out what truly works for you? Come in closer, this will change your life. You literally just STOP LISTENING! Now I know you can’t just hide under a rock and avoid it all, but you can stop giving it a listening ear. Start taking what you read, see, and hear about all things beauty, as simply just an OPINION. And as grandma used to say, everyone has one.

You literally just STOP LISTENING!

         When you take all the world’s advice as opinion, you strip its authority away. It is no longer facts; therefore, it has no weight, resulting in you lessening your listening ear to the matter. Now I know, this may be cookie cutter advice, but it really is the only tool you need. We live in a world where people are being paid top dollars to review things and to come off as an expert. Do you really want your beauty and haircare tips to come from someone who receives an incentive for what they say?

         I’ve had clients follow their favorite youtubers advice and purchase the most expensive extensions. All for within a week, the extensions were falling out and matting up. Then later, the youtuber, posts a new review saying, “yeah, those extensions weren’t that great after all.” When it comes to our skin, our hair, our health, and our overall selves…. we should only be taking advice from those who have an equally vested interest in the matter at hand.

When you take all the world’s advice as opinion, you strip its authority away.

       Think of your physical body for a minute. You probably have a Primary Physician, an OBGYN and possibly a specialist in a specific area. If you were to suddenly have an unbearable pain in your side, you’d probably do a quick google search, but how much FACTS would you put on the results? Depending on just how intense that pain is or how long it remains, I guarantee you’ll be on the phone with your doctor’s office sooner rather than later. This is the type of thinking, we all need to adopt for our lives, in every aspect. What we put in and on our bodies is too important to leave up to the risk of any and everyone. Just like my doctor can’t write a diagnosis and prescription for my friends’ needs without a visit, the same is to be applied for the information we consume daily.        

         Take an inventory of your life and write a list of all actual professionals in those areas that have a true vested interest in the outcome of YOU. This may include your dermatologist, your hairstylist, your nail tech, your esthetician. These should be the professionals that you are seeing on a consistent basis and have an insight to YOUR specific needs. If you aren’t sure those specialists can handle your requests or concerns, allow this to empower you to keep researching until you find the right one who can.

Keep in mind, not all mistakes can be recovered.

         Now I know this may have not truly addressed who the real professional is, but it’s my hope that it gave you a deeper insight of what is advice versus facts. It’s more than fine to use word of mouth, your favorite influencer, and the world around you as inspiration, but remember, it can be a slippery and costly mistake to take it as hard truth. So, as you continue to scroll Tik Tok and look up the best beauty tips, make sure you remember, it’s all just opinion and experience unless its specifically curated for you and your needs.

 Tell me, have you had any beauty related experiences that you swore would work, but ultimately turned out to be bad advice for you? I’d love to hear, as I’m sure we all have been there before.

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May 02

Such a great read!! I’m loving all things Restoring the Strands. I especially love the emphasis on today’s post highlighting opinions vs facts in this industry. Above all else, I love how you separated professionals who are VESTED from those who are PAID to have an opinion. Snaps Fingers I’m excited to see the next topic you share. I’m locked in!


Jessica Jackson
Jessica Jackson
May 02

I don’t know how many times I purchased different hair products promising hair growth because the influencers I follow claim it grew their hair. Chileeee…. My hair length is growing at the speed it always does. lol. I agree you can’t think of it as facts. Finally, my hair stylist showed me what works for my 4c hair and I’m seeing great progress. These are the kind of conversations that are edifying and are needed. Substance! Thanks Ciarra.

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